With the town of movie Chofu cinema Festival 2019 (Chofu Cinema Festival)


The town of movie Chofu cinema Festival 2019

Festival of movie holding the associated work screening, talk event, various events such as display and course, workshop at each site in city around Cultural Center tazukuri, green hall, theaters Chofu commencing with award ceremony of "town of movie Chofu Prize" to select in the whole country's first attempt "citizen X movie engineers" for around one month in total!

Please refer to the "town of movie Chofu cinema Festival 2019" special site for the details.

※Civic vote was finished.


From Saturday, February 16, 2019 to Sunday, March 10


Cultural Center tazukuri, Chofu-shi green hall, AEON CINEMA Corp. theaters Chofu, the Chofu station square, Shiyakusho-mae garden others


Pay (as for the some events such as display, free of charge)
※The rate details announce around December, 2018 and are going to release in January, 2018


Chofu-shi culture, community promotion foundation/Chofu-shi

Plan, administration

The town of movie Chofu cinema Festival 2019 executive committee
ARRK Corporation system, ion entertainment, Ishihara promotion, Kadokawa Daiei Motion Picture studio, J-COM yeast Chofu station, jangofirumu, Takatsu decoration art, Chofu FM broadcast, Chofu-shi tourist association, Chofu-shi business and industry fair, TOEI laboratory tech, Tokyo Genzosho, torie Keio Chofu, Nikkatsu Chofu studio, marbling Fine arts (the above, the order of the kana syllabary), Chofu-shi Board of Education (Chofu municipal library, Chofu-shi folk museum), Chofu-shi, Chofu-shi culture, community promotion foundation

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