Sightseeing in Chofu-shi map renewal


Sightseeing in Chofu-shi map (Japanese edition) renewal (the ninth edition)

Sightseeing in Chofu-shi map introducing tourist attraction in Chofu-shi along four recommended town walks course♪

By this renewal, we introduce walk courses from Tokyo Stadium (Ajinomoto Stadium) which is Rugby World Cup 2019, venue of Tokyo 2020 meeting to Chofu Station newly.

When sightseeing map of B2 size folds, it becomes one hand size and is convenient for carrying around.

Please inflect in town walk and guidebook of Chofu.


Distribution place

Chofu-shi government office, Chofu-shi tourist information center "warmth station", it is Jindaiji tourist information center, the city facility (library, community-based welfare center), Tokyo Metropolitan Government others


We can download sightseeing map from this.

Japanese (course introduction side)
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